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Florianopolis Vacation Rental - Steps to Praia Mole Beach

If you're planning a vacation to Florianopolis Brazil or just looking for a nice place to stay, then look no further! My name is Don and my wife and I own a very nice Florianopolis vacation rental on Praia Mole beach, one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Florianopolis. You can see photos of the house located on the left. Just click an image to see larger photos.

Praia Mole beach is famous for it's ideal location, beautiful people, rolling green hills, soft white sand, and great pumping surf. To get a taste of Floripa and Praia Mole beach, watch the video below and contact me to Request Availability. During high season, I usually have several other condos available on Praia Mole beach in addition to my townhouse, but be sure to book early for New Years!

Florianopolis Vacation Rental Accommodations

My Praia Mole beach house puts you right in the middle of all the action but far enough from the main road that you hear nothing but birds and crickets. The house includes the following amenities...


- Modern Townhouse located on Praia Mole Beach (Best location on the island)
- 2 Bedrooms 
- 2 Bathrooms
- Sleeps up to 7 comfortably (2 queen beds and 3 sofa beds)
- 3rd & 4th Bedrooms (TV room & den convert to additional bedrooms when needed)
- Private Hot Tub nestled in a wooden gazebo in a private backyard
- Cable TV with HBO (lots of English channels and most movies in English too)
- High Speed Wireless Internet (bring your laptop and work from Brazil)
- US phone line by Vonage (unlimited free calling to the USA & Canada)
- Air conditioning throughout the house and multiple floor fans for those warm nights
- Bath Towels, Linens & Blankets included (not customary in most Brazilian rentals)
- In-house washer & dryer (pack light & wash your clothes here)
- Complete kitchen with large new fridge, freezer, microwave & cooking utensils
- 6 surfboards (1 Longboard (9ft) and 3 short boards (6'4))
- Personal Nightlife Guide & Designated Driver (optional - additional fee applies)
- Discounted Car Rentals from a local English-speaking company


Your Floripa Nightlife VIP Connection

I have personally lived in Florianopolis 6-10 months per year since 2004 and I'm now married to a Brazilian woman, Fernanda, who has lived in Floripa her entire life so you can trust that we know the area well and can get you quickly dialed in with bilingual VIP tour guides, designated drivers, and all. But first, if you're planning a Florianopolis Vacation, there's 3 things you should know...

1. You're going to have the time of your life! (See testimonials from previous guests)
2. Most Florianopolis Hotels are poorly maintained, and...
3. Location is absolutely EVERYTHING, especially during high season!

Location, Location...

When searching for a Florianopolis vacation rental in Brazil, your location is very critical, especially in high season when afternoon beach traffic comes to a standstill from 2-9 pm every day. This is caused by thousands of beachgoers attempting to leave the beach in the late afternoon on the small two-lane roads (1 lane in each direction). The only way to avoid this traffic is to either avoid the beach (not an option!) or get yourself a nice Florianopolis vacation home that is within walking distance to the beach, preferably Praia Mole beach for both convenience, beauty, and action. My Florianopolis beach house is located on a narrow strip of land (about 300 yards wide) sandwiched between Praia Mole beach and a large salt-water lagoon (see photo  below). We call this area the "Filet Mignon" of Florianopolis due to its extremely beautiful, convenient, and desirable location year-round. As the golden rule of real estate goes, location is everything!

To put the value of this location into perspective, the average townhouse in our complex sells for about 2-3 times the price of a comparable house just a few blocks away in either direction. Why? Because housing is very limited here and Praia Mole beach is surrounded by a hill at each end (visible in the photo above). If you go more than a few blocks in either direction, you're no longer within a comfortable walking distance of the beach, unless you enjoy trekking over mountains in 95 degree heat with 95% humidity. My Floripa beach house is located in a gated townhouse complex directly across the street from Praia Mole beach, just a 5 minute walk from door to sand. 

The Beautiful Florianopolis Lagoon

On the opposite side of the housing complex is the most beautiful part of the giant lagoon visible in the photos directly below. These photos were taken directly behind our housing complex, just a 5-10 minute walk on a beautiful nature-trail through the jungle. This is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful area for swimming, sunbathing, and breathtaking sunsets, usually with nobody around. We often see Brazilian bikini models doing photo shoots here.

Additional conveniences of Praia Mole Beach are the distance of nightlife, high-end shopping malls, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and gyms all within a 5-20 minute drive. 75% of Florianopolis nightlife is within a 5-10 minute drive of the house, with one nightclub (Latitude) just a 5 minute walk to their parking lot, where they'll pick you up in a shuttle. The rest of the nightlife is in the town of Centro (a 25-min drive) with 2 nightclubs on the north end of the island (a 40-min drive). However, the nightclubs on the north end of the island only open during high season (mid Dec - Feb), as the north end becomes deserted outside high season. For a better visual of where the townhouse is located relative most nightlife, take a look at this Map of Florianopolis.

About Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis (often called Floripa) is the capital of Santa Catarina, a large state in south Brazil. 90% of Florianopolis city resides on a large island (about 30 miles long and 4 miles wide) connected to the mainland by a bridge. Florianopolis Island has 42 different beaches and several beautiful large lagoons (salt water lakes open to the sea). The largest lagoon is located just behind our housing complex. In this lagoon, you can take a guided boat tour to the north end where there is a small fishing village with no roads in or out. The only access is by boat. Once there, you can have an authentic Brazilian style fish lunch on the water, trek through the jungle to a waterfall, or just go for a swim in the warm glassy waters of the lagoon.

Florianopolis Activities

- Surfing (some of the best surfing is right at Praia Mole beach in front of the housing complex)
- Sun bathing & people watching
- Paragliding (right at Praia Mole')
- Sand Boarding (huge sand dunes and board rentals 5 minutes away)
- Wake Boarding (in the huge lagoon directly behind the complex)
- Deep Sea Sport Fishing (My personal hookup, you won't find this option anywhere else!)
- VIP Nightclubbing & Dancing (some of the best nightlife in South America)
- River Rafting
- Nature/Jungle Hiking

Florianopolis Nightlife & Population

The population of Florianopolis Island is approximately 300,000 (people living on the island) and over 1 million during high season as vacationers come flooding in to enjoy the unforgettable beach activities & nightlife. High season beach activities usually start with surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and end with drinking & dancing into the sunset at the many beach bars with DJs spinning and all. If that's not enough, Florianopolis is home to at least 8 different universities so approximately 75% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 25 (mostly women), which explains why Florianopolis has some of the best nightlife in South America. There is no shortage of young energy here!

Florianopolis Nightlife VIP Tour Guides & Drivers

Don't waste a week trying to figure out the Florianopolis nightlife on your own, and don't get caught drinking & driving! For about US$50 (plus cover fees) you can hire one of my bilingual tour guides who can make VIP table reservation for you at the best nightclubs on the best nights of the week (he'll know where to go and when). He can also double as your designated driver and provide translation services for you and your new Brazilian friends. If you want to take a day trip to another city or go river rafting, no problem! Just hire a guide for the day so you don't get lost and don't have to worry about drinking & driving. They know their way around both the island and the continent.

Florianopolis Vacation Guide

For my inside tips & secrets to conquering Florianopolis like a local, see my Florianopolis Vacation Guide. To see larger photos of my Florianopolis Vacation Home and other photos of Floripa, please visit the Florianopolis Photos page.

Contact Owner

If you're interested in renting our Florianopolis Vacation Home, please call us at the number below or contact us through the contact form. Either my wife or I (depending on your language of preference) will get back to you ASAP with a quote and availability.

Muito Obrigado,

Don & Fezinha Guy
714-374-4953 (USA)


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