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Hey Don, 


The trip was unbelievable. It was everything you said it would be. I have tons of great stories and pics. I met a girl that wants to get married. She's a great girl who speaks English. I think that island is a hidden piece of Heaven. We made some friends and toured the whole island. If you haven’t been to the party P12, it’s a must go. It was great! We will deffinitly be going back either in a few months or next year same time. Next time we will be staying for at least a month. Thanks for everything. If you need a reference let me know. Thanks.


J. Landreth

Tustin, CA






We had an amazing time. It was the first vacation I have ever been on where I wasn't ready to leave. Edgar was awesome. You were right about El Divino Lounge. We went twice, once on Sunday! (Thanks for the advice) We spent most of our time hanging out at Mole, body surfing and drinking. We made really good friends with the owners of the beer tent and they took really good care of us and everyone around us. I think I told you about the oysters they cooked for us and the Brazilian Moonshine we drank. P12 was off the hook on New Year's. We all had a really good time. Thank you for setting it up for us! We went to Myoshi two or three times and we had the same waiter each time we went. He was cool too. He would give us all high fives when we walked in and knew immediately to get a bucket of beers and salmon rolls. I think it had a lot to do with tipping. Edgar said Brazilians are not accustomed to tipping, but I highly recommend to all your future clients that they plan on tipping. For Example, all of the tables on the dance floor at El Divino Lounge were booked when we called early Sunday morning to make a reservation. Sergio, the manager who took care of us on Friday night told us if we were there by 9:30 he would make sure we had one. We were late getting to the club and the people working at the desk told us there was no way we would be able to get a table including the club promoter girl. We asked to talk to Sergio, and he made it happen and it turned out to be one of the best nights we had. We ate at a restaurant called the Barracuda, which is located on the main road that runs along the ocean going into Lagoa. It's all sea food and reasonably priced with really good service. I thought it was one of the better restaurants we ate at. We loved Thai and the oyster restaurants in the renters guide. Like I told you on the phone, the renters guide was our bible. I am going to try to make a CD with some of our pictures on it for you and Edgar. I will mail it to you when I get it finished. We really appreciate you renting us your home. It was great! I can totally see why you bought it! Brazil is truly paradise! Thank you very much for all you did to make our vacation possible. We are planning to go back this December.

J. Hettinger

Rock Springs, WY




The article in the NY Times on Florianopolis says it all -- "Party Destination of the Year."  My sons and I had an outstanding time in Floripa.  There is no place like Praia Mole on earth!  From the time we landed at the airport, met by Reno (who was a perfect host), we had the most amazing trip of our lives.  Everything was spectacular --  scenery,  beaches, condo, food and most of all the people.  The Brazilians as well as our fellow international travelers were hospitable and entertaining to be with. We will always return to Floripa!
Muito Obrigado,
Joe Findaro
Vienna, Virginia




Hey Don,

The trip was awesome! We all had a great time and it far exceeded our expectations. Floripa is a dream land. We didn't get great weather but still had an amazing time. We definitely want to go back. As you know, the island has everything from secluded cultural fishing villages to great vacation/party beaches with beautiful women everywhere and great barreling surf. Thanks again for everything from the pre-trip info to the hookups and service while we were down there.



Hermosa Beach, CA










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