Florianopolis Vacation Condo on Praia Mole Beach





Unit 7










Aerial View of Praia Mole

and Condo Complex















Front of Praia Mole Condo

in Florianopolis, Brazil

(Unit 7)





























Enclosed BBQ Area




























Living Room

































Kitchen & Dining Area
































Downstairs Bathroom































Master Bedroom w/Balcony






























Master Bedroom






























Master Bathroom































Balcony & View 






























2nd Bedroom w/Bunks

(sleeps 3)































2nd Bedroom Bunks




































Upstairs Bathroom






























3rd Bedroom

(sleeps 2)





























Workout Area

in front of complex




Praia Mole Beach Condo (Unit 7)

This Florianopolis vacation rental is located on Praia Mole beach in the Costa Leste condominium complex on Florianopolis island in Santa Catarina, Brazil. This condo has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and sleeps up to 9 people (7 in beds plus 2 on the downstairs sofa if necessary). The carport has been converted to an enclosed barbeque area and it has an ocean view from the upstairs bedrooms and balcony. This condo complex is located in the best area of Florianopolis island, just a 5-minute drive from the town of Lagoa, where you'll find a majority of the island's nightlife, complete with many bars, restaurants, grocery stores, gift shops, movie rentals, ATMs, gas station, and a mini mall. 

Florianopolis is famous for having some of the best nightlife in Brazil and Praia Mole beach is famous for its great surf, beautiful people, and breathtaking scenery, making it the ideal location for your Brazil surf vacation. From this condo, a 5-minute walk down the nature trail will put you on Praia Mole beach in front of one of the 6 beach bars/restaurants on the sand. For availability, please contact Don Guy via the contact form or call: 714-374-4953. 

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