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Praia Mole Beach


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Florianopolis Vacation Guide - How to Conquer Florianopolis Like a Local!

Thanks for your interest in my Florianopolis Vacation Guide. In this guide, I'm going to reveal all the inside secrets you need to know to conquer Florianopolis like a local. But before I do that, allow me to introduce myself and explain how I know so much about this secret island paradise in southern Brazil...

My name is Don and yes, that's me in the photo above (the one in the middle). I'm an American who has been living in Florianopolis at least 6 months per year since 2004 and this is how it happened...

In 2004, I took a trip to Florianopolis with my business partner and some friends. Our trip was originally scheduled for 4 weeks. After just 2 days, we realised we had stumbled upon a very special place and I told my friends that I wasn't going home until I absolutely had to. My business partner agreed and we actually stayed until our visas expired 6 months later. We literally maxed them out! Unfortunately for my friends, they had to return home after just 10 days (leaving me a cell phone with 45 girls' numbers) while my business partner and I stayed for 6 months and had the time of our lives. In a nutshell, here's what happened in those 6 months...

My business partner met his wife during his second week in Florianopolis and I met my wife during my 2nd month in Florianopolis. So, we're now both married to beautiful Brazilian women and our only regret is that we didn't hear about Florianopolis sooner. It's the only place I've ever been to or heard of where it's actually difficult to stay single! I've never seen so many beautiful women in one place in my entire life, and I had lived on the beach in Southern California my whole life and traveled to many beautiful tropical places. But nothing even comes close to what I experienced in Florianopolis. The women are not only tan, beautufil, and in mind-staggering abundance, but they're also extremely friendly, passionate, and down to earth (definitely not your typical California girls). It was truly amazing!

Florianopolis Pool Party

So Where is Florianopolis, Brazil?

Florianopolis is a 1-hour flight south of Sao Paulo and about 1.5 hours south of Rio de Janeiro. Often called Floripa for short, this island city is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is one of the wealthiest cities in Brazil and has 42 beaches. It has long been a favorite vacation destination for Brazilians throught the country (like Miami in the USA) but has only recently become a major tourist destination for the rest of the world as its reputation leaks out. This unique destination has something to do for everybody: Kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, ocean fishing, trekking, surfing, sand boarding, kite surfing, and some of the best nightlife in South America too!

Aerial View of Florianopolis Island



My Vacation Home on Praia Mole Beach

To finish my story, in 2007 I bought a very nice vacation home on Praia Mole Beach, which was our favorite beach on the island and is where the photo was taken at the top of this page (me with the Vivo girls). Praia Mole (pronounced Prya Moley) is also the most beautiful and conveniently located beach on the island so it was the perfect spot to be. In addition to that, it's also one of the best surfing beaches on the island too, which was an extra bonus for me. Below are some photos of my Florianopolis Vacation home on Praia Mole Beach, which is available to rent most of the year. Request a quote and availability.

My Florianopolis Vacation Home on Praia Mole Beach

Praia Mole Beach

My Vacation Home on Praia Mole Beach

Dining Room

TV Room

Dining & TV Rooms from Kitchen

Romantic Jacuzzi in a Private Backyard

Nightlife Tour Guides

In addition to providing Florianopolis accommodations, I can also provide you with bilingual nightlife tour guides who will also be your designated driver. And if you come in high season (Nov - April) my wife and I may also be there to show you around. That's my favorite part about the business. I get to watch others have the same experience I did during my first trip to Floripa. That's my wife and I in the photo below (lower middle).

Ladies Night at My Favorite Nightclub in Florianopolis

So, since 2004, I've lived in Florianopolis at least 50% of the time. And with a wife who grew up in Florianopolis, I've been introduced to places most gringos would never find on their own in the short time they are there. So, I've got a lot of inside info that I'm going to reveal to you that will enable you to conquer Floripa like a local and get the absolute most out of your vacation. Many of my renters said my guide was their bible and they would have been lost without it. Here's what a few of them had to say about Floripa...

Testimonials from Previous Guests

Hey Don, 


The trip was unbelievable. It was everything you said it would be. I have tons of great stories and pics. I met a girl that wants to get married. She's a great girl who speaks English. I think that island is a hidden piece of Heaven. We made some friends and toured the whole island. If you haven’t been to the party [omitted], it’s a must go. It was great! We will deffinitly be going back either in a few months or next year same time. Next time we will be staying for at least a month. Thanks for everything. If you need a reference let me know. Thanks.


J. Landreth

Tustin, CA


The article in the NY Times on Florianopolis says it all -- "Party Destination of the Year."  My sons and I had an outstanding time in Floripa.  There is no place like Praia Mole on earth!  From the time we landed at the airport, met by Reno (who was a perfect host), we had the most amazing trip of our lives.  Everything was spectacular --  scenery,  beaches, condo, food and most of all the people.  The Brazilians as well as our fellow international travelers were hospitable and entertaining to be with. We will always return to Floripa!
Muito Obrigado,
Joe Findaro
Vienna, Virginia




Hey Don,

The trip was awesome! We all had a great time and it far exceeded our expectations. Floripa is a dream land. We didn't get great weather but still had an amazing time. We definitely want to go back. As you know, the island has everything from secluded cultural fishing villages to great vacation/party beaches with beautiful women everywhere and great barreling surf. Thanks again for everything from the pre-trip info to the hookups and service while we were down there.



Hermosa Beach, CA



A Florianopolis House Party (5 Guys, 20+ Girls)

Here's What You'll Discover in my Florianopolis Vacation Guide...

- The Top 10 Florianopolis Beaches (includes photos & details of each)
- The Best Florianopolis Surfing Beaches & ratings (sand bar, point, lefts, rights, etc.)
- How to Surf Local Secret Spots without getting your butt kicked!
- River Rafting in Florianopolis (Class 2/3 and Class 4/5)
- The Best Florianoplis Restaurants (in oder of food quality, avoid the rest!)
- The Best Florianoplis Night Clubs, and how & where to go VIP
- The Best New Years Eve Parties (NYE like you've NEVER seen before)
- Portuguese 101 (the most important words & phrases you'll need to know)
- A Detailed Road Map (it's a huge island and you'll need this)
- Where to get the cheapest car rental from an English Speaking company
- How to get the cheapest Domestic flights in Brazil (and avoid most baggage fees)
- Airport codes you'll need to know (there's multiple airports in Rio and Sao Paulo)
- How to hire one of my nightlife tour guides who double as your designated driver
- Getting your Brazilian Visa (don't leave home without it)

Now before I reveal all my inside secrets to Florianopolis, I'd like you to know that for the past few years, I've only given the information in this guide to my personal renters and only AFTER they have paid me.

So, whether you rent from me or not, you'll have all the information you'll need to conquer Florianopolis like a local, which can save you a bundle and enable you to have the best time of your life. This page is just a small sample of what you'll receive. All I ask is that you fill in your name and email below to join my contact list to receive occasional updates & rental discounts. You'll receive immediate access to my Florianoplis travel guide.

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Muito Obrigado,

Don Guy

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